Work that can only be done by Shimada Lumber, which has been communicating with trees in Toyama.

We usually maintain and maintain forests so that they can maintain a healthy ecosystem. Trees are harvested, new trees are planted, and unnecessary trees are cut down (thinned) so that the trees get enough light. Please try our special whiskey barrels made from special materials that we, as professionals of wood, have judged with our professional eyes.

Manufacturing and sales of
Mizunara head barrels

Commitment to wood Commitment to wood Commitment to wood

We manufacture and sell roasting barrels. We manufacture and sell Mizuna Radal, which is indispensable for making Japanese whiskey. Because people do it by hand, the number that can be produced is about 30 in a month. If there is even a little distortion, I will remake it.

bourbon barrel

Distribution and
sales of bourbon barrels

Only new barrels can be used to age bourbon. We distribute and sell such bourbon barrels that cannot be reused. If you have any questions about bourbon barrels, please feel free to contact us.

Consignment manufacturing and
sales of hogsheads


A hogshead is a size classification of whiskey barrels with a capacity of about 220 to 250 liters. It can be done by dismantling a used bourbon barrel and reassembling it by a craftsman.

leak repair and maintenance

Barrel leak repair
and maintenance

Sanshiro Taru Koubou's barrels are not "finished after sale". Skilled craftsmen will repair leaks and perform maintenance, as well as after-sales care.

Other initiatives

Other barrel making

Other barrel making

It is possible to replace the end plate with various types of wood, not limited to Mizunara.

Local wood barrel project

Local wood barrel project

We are proposing and proceeding with various projects to spread the charm of trees in our hometown of Toyama.

Others (barrel storage management, etc.) Others (barrel storage management, etc.)

Others (barrel storage management, etc.)

"I want to buy barrels, but I'm worried about storage..." We have a variety of services for those people. If you are even slightly interested in Mizunara barrels, please do not hesitate to contact us.